Scroll Saw Gifts

Having recently invested in a scroll saw AND a laser engraver, I am selling items to raise funds towards supporting schools in Tibetan communities in northern India who are severely under-resourced. Please have a look and share with anyone you think might be interested in any of these items.

Valentine Specials

A photo frame for a cherished memory.

Suitable for holding a standard 4 by 6 photo but larger ones would fit too. Suggested donation £6 See below for info on making a donation

made from 3mm Birch Ply. Comes in 3 pieces easily assembled. I recommend a spot of glue (wood glue and superglue both work well) to fix the frame to the stand

Love Hearts

A beautiful piece for your best shelf. Made from 30 mm hardwood (Ash) and varnished. The four hearts are removable. Approximately 15 cm wide.

The design for this comes courtesy of who has kindly agreed for me to use the pattern to raise funds for the charity. There are many other clever and beautiful designs there if you are interested.

Suggested donation: £12

See below for info on making a donation

Personalised Coasters

made from beautiful 12 mm oak or simply 3 mm MDF (which most coasters are made from). In either case they are 10 cm square and have a cork backing.

Suggested donation:

MDF: £2.50 each or £8 for 4 (same design). £9 for 4 with different designs

OAK: £4 each or £12.50 for 4 (same design). £14 for 4 with different designs

See below for info on making a donation

Character Phone Stands

Size is approximately 15cm tall and 10 cm wide

Made from 3mm MDF, perfectly strong enough for any phone built after 1984, yet light and easily portable.

The pictures above show examples. This is a bespoke service and I will make whatever design you have in mind. Can even do caricatures of outgoing Prime Ministers.

Suggested donation:

I am not charging for these items but ask that you make a donation to Hope One World

If items are posted, please add £3 to any order

Photo frame: £6 (plus postage where necessary)

LOVE HEARTS ornament: £12 (plus postage where necessary)

MDF Coasters: £2.50 each or 4 with the same design £8. 4 with different designs £9 (plus postage where necessary)

OAK Coasters: £4 each or £12.50 for 4 (same design). £14 for 4 with different designs

Phone stands:

unpainted (so you or your children can paint them as you wish) £5 (plus postage

painted from £6 (depends on the complexity but it’s your donation so make your own mind up) for each one delivered or £9 if I need to post them.

Important: only ONE postage donation per order needed

If you are a tax payer and pay via Enthuse, by opting for Gift Aid, the charity gets an extra boost from the Government.

If you would like to order anything, or have further questions, please contact John at

(Don’t make a donation until you’ve received and are happy with the product.)

Nativity Scene

Made of MDF, these 3-d silhouette nativity scenes are approximately 130 mm tall and 12 mm thick. The characters are recessed by 3 mm. Free standing so just pop on a shelf. Order promptly for delivery for the festive season.