Vision and Values

Vision, Values and Guiding Principles

Hope One World is innovative in the way that it uses human resources to support the educational development of communities around the world and to promote greater global understanding.


Hope One World believes in the power of education to achieve positive and lasting change.


3 values are central to the way we work in order to achieve our vision: PARTNERSHIP, LEARNING and SOCIAL JUSTICE

  • We value sustainable relationships within and between communities at home and overseas.
  • We strive to embody a spirit of reciprocity, open-ness, mutual respect and integrity in these relationships.
  • We believe the needs of partners should be heard and responded to.
  • We believe in being openly accountable for our work.
  • We recognise the importance of learning from and trusting each other, of receiving as well as giving.
  • We recognise the relationship between effective learning and context.
  • We recognise the importance of challenging our learning, and broadening it to include the learning generated by service to others.
  • We will learn from the skills, knowledge and understanding gained from experience.
  • We recognise that service to others is an important dimension in the spiritual development of individuals and institutions.
  • We believe in the power of shared endeavour to generate learning, to transform lives and to strengthen people‚Äôs capacity to sustain action towards a fairer world.